between your YEArs PODCAST

Certified Proactivity Coach, Founder and Entrepreneur CEO of “Negatives to Narratives Coaching M.E.T.H.O.D™,” and “between your YEArs” Podcast, you will discover the power of your words.

1. Pay attention to your EAR “ring” 

2. Say YEA to what is rings right 

3. Fulfil your YEARS “write”


IT affects…Your Mind, Your Relationships and Your Stories.

You will determine what you can do with your words to answer the “why” of your mind, relationships and stories.  Best known for my TOPPED (thinking-on-paper-and-pen-every-day), I, Dr. BerylJoe have kept a daily handwritten journal (ScriptoPreneuring) for 30 years straight. Gather with me, once a week as we discover the power of our words, in reading and reflection, writing, meditation and journaling. I am an open book of thoughts. 


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